Students will be able to
  • Define key terms associated with budgeting.
  • Evaluate given budgets and identify the areas where changes can be made.
  • Use estimated income for a career of interest and develop a budget that involves researching current expenses.


The proficiency cannot be completed until after the student completes the budget project.

An Alternative Project
Budget Project Webquest


A Plan for the Future: Making a Budget - This lesson plan is a great start if you are not planning on having a banker or some other outside source help teach budgeting. The plans are easy to follow and the associated student worksheets are provided as well.

Personal Budget Project - This MUST be completed and attached to the proficiency sheet. This packet includes the directions, the career summary sheet and a personal budget worksheet (you can opt to use the household budget sheet found elsewhere in the resources).

Household Budget Worksheet from Bank of America - This is an excel document with formulas. If using computers students can use this spreadsheet instead of the one included in the personal budget project packet.