OPTION 1:Learning Styles, Study Skills and Coping Strategies

Students will be able to:
  • Identify the different types of learning styles
  • Identify what learning style(s) they learn best with
  • Know different coping & study strategies to help them learn using their own learning style(s)
  • Adapt to different teaching styles to learn using their own learning style(s)

The proficiency deals with multiple intelligences, learning styles and coping skills. You need to cover both MI and LS before students can find coping skills.

There are three different options below for completing the multiple intelligences portion of the unit. You can complete any of the three or combine portions. You may also use something else if you however, if you do please share!

-Complete Lesson Plan on the Multiple Intelligences: Follow the plan to teach the subject. If you open the link and select print this page at the top right it will also print the handouts listed in the materials section.

-List of online multiple intellegence inventories: Most of these require a computer although they are interactive for the students. You would need to look at the various tests and choose, or you could allow students to pick two or three and compare the results.
Online Inventories on MI

(this is geared towards younger kids, but could be used with some SPED students if they need a simpler multiple intelligences test)

-For the activity below have the students take the quiz. After they complete the quiz provide students with the about page. To conclude have students reflect on if they agree or disagree and why.

For Special Education students

Have students take the quiz first. Follow up with the descriptions and have students write a reflection about their thoughts.

Characteristics of and skills for:

To conclude have students go to www.howtostudy.org or search the internet and their brains for ways to cope with their MI and LS.

OPTION 2: Study Skills Log

Students will:
  • Use various study skills and identify their effect on their achievement.
  • Identify which study skills are most useful to their learning styles.


Add any resources you may have or have come across online.
There are no specific resources other than what you would do in option 1 above, You may also have students look up study skills, or brain storm various strategies.

OPTION 3: Skills Assessment/ Using SKILLS Accross the Curriculum

Students will:
  • Understand how the skills being learned in class will relate to their future
  • Organize their skills sets and what they enjoy doing in order to determine possible occupational clusters they may be interested in doing.
  • The first section can be done on or offline, however, the second page must be completed on http://azcis.intocareers.org


Add any resources you may have or have come across online.

You can begin the process by having students complete the skills worksheet below, or the skills cards instead of the online activity (the online activity is fun and the results can be printed and attached to the proficiency as well as saved in the students AzCIS portfolio.

Lesson Plans

Powerpoint to accompany the lesson plans

OPTION 4: Goal Setting

Students will be able to:
  • Set goals and identify steps in order to achieve the goal.
  • Review their progress towards achieving their goal and make modifications to their goal action plan.


Powerpoint for teaching goal setting. The link is where the information was taken and can be used for students to discover for themselves all about goals.

Images from the powerpoint that may be useful as handouts

OTHER RESOURCES: If you do not want to use what is above, need other idea, or extensions.

This is a link for you, the teacher, to use to look at ideas on how to teach goal setting.

This is a useful page with lots of links to aid in learning about money management and goal setting.